Monday, January 4, 2010

Some drawings after radio silence!

This first drawing is for Mat Foley. He saw me drawing a sweet ass pic of Jubilee at King Con and asked if he could color it. But I was bored so I colored it myself. To make it up to him, I did another one. This should be viewed while listening to Yello's "Oh Yeah". You know the one in Ferris Bueller. Thanks to Anthony Stock for the song title.

Drawing of Jubilee for the Folster.

Speaking of people I know, this is a drawing of a few characters from Rachel's teenage superhero comic LEAGUE. I wrote one script for her a few months back and I'm working on another now with these characters. It involves time travel as you can guess from this picture. Forgive the amateur hatching. I'm still learning how to do it right. Learn from my mistakes and pay attention in art class.

Characters from Rachel Freire's "LEAGUE!!"

And I apologize also for the blue lines. Fuckin' non-photo blue ain't so non-photo. But the problem is that that doesn't apply to scanning in color. Sadly I have no other options.


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Grizlli Atom said...

Hey way to erase all that VERY photo blue asshole.

Grizlli Atom said...

Still <3 that t-rex.