Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chinese Taipei

The other day I was walking around near Central Park and saw a group of Chinese athletes. When I saw their track jackets with the words Chinese Taipei emblazoned on the back I only thought of one thing...

Of course, I'm pretty sure these kids don't tape up their hands and cover them with broken glass.

Oh and here's a new comic. Yeah, it's pretty outrageously productive up in here, I know.


Yes, the last panel is lopsided. Funny story actually, I had to use a six inch ruler to make this comic (as well as another for tomorrow) so I ended up with a whole lot of angles. I'm no Bob Villa.


DJSteve said...

damn dude you draw a fat ass

Jenny said...

omg, that video is gruesome. *shivers*

pam said...

i just realized this girl has a telephone phone. Like the phone I've always wanted as a cellphone. You dont remember but I totally told you to draw it like that when we just met oh so long ago