Friday, September 25, 2009

You're An Asshole (Artist's Statement)

So things didn't really work out with Tits. She was sweet and I was deeply, deeply in love with her... but then someone showed me some pictures of her in full light and I dunno. Sort of a butter face.

Tits for real

Anyways, here's a new comic!

You're An Asshole (Artist's Statement)


Jules said...

XD love the expression on that chick's face in the last panel

Grizlli Atom said...

Told you bro.

Anonymous said...

she looks like a hot mess, man. Like the kind you can sweep up with a broom and dust pan. I say dig deep ;)

Cristina A. said...

haha....i think i've had class with that girl...i love how she seems to think she needs to shield her boobs from you :) nice touch