Monday, September 21, 2009

Lucha Show Romance

Hey guys, you won't be seeing much of me from now on. You see I went to this Lucha Libre show at Webster Hall tonight and, well, I've fallen in love. Things will be different now, since I'll be spending most of my time with her instead of drawing comics. I guess this whole finding love thing has really helped me grow up, put things in perspective. Comics just seem silly next to true love. BUT to commemorate this moment and give a sort of farewell gift to everyone who reads this blog and enjoys my comics, I did a drawing of my little lovey-dovey-munchkin-pumpkin!


It all happened pretty fast. She walked out onto the stage and bent over without bending her knees to pick up the pieces from the costume the last burlesque dancer left behind. Oh Cupid! What havoc hath ye wrought on my heart of hearts!


Jules said...

this is redunkulous, I disapprove!

...hey alex, been so long since I've seen your face...and I only kid about the first each his own

Anonymous said...

she looks hot! I wanted to go to this, hope you had a good time.